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so, here's my story:
I make up reasons for my folx + I to get together and talk. I believe that community is the only way we can make it through this life. I love hard, I take up a lot of space + I take my pleasure seriously. 
I created this space to keep this vibe alive; we need more spaces where we can be any version of ourselves that we want to be. here is where you can let it all hang out.

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I found myself sharing space in the most beautiful way on my favorite day of the week, Sunday. It went from being a sacred solo day, to becoming a shared day of indulging in chats with my lovers. join me for my podcast, Something About Sunday.

C O N T R O V E R S Y is a safe space that was created for queer women of color (+allies) to come together and talk our shit. no topic is off limit - come and lay your burdens down.


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4.17.20 . 6p - 8p PST . Zoom

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Satisfaction is medicinal.

adrienne marie brown


Satisfaction is medicinal.

adrienne maree brown